Below are my race accounts since 2003. I've been running for more than 10 years but have only been recording down my experiences since 2003, the year I ran my first marathon. These files are in PDF format, so you'll need to have the Acrobat Reader to view. Please note that most links within the reports (especially those in the banner and the left/right frames) are no longer valid as they're pointing to outdated sources. I simply didn't have the time to cleanup the links and just converted the content lock, stock and barrel.

For the complete events calendar, please visit the Runners Malaysia website)

Read the 2008 Review

GE Pacesetters 30K Race Report
First race meant to be a gauge to the KL Marathon preparations. Read the report here.
KL International Marathon

Race Report
10-min PR for my 8th marathon. Read the report here!

BHP Orange Run

Race Report
10K PR! Read the report here!


Race Report
This should be another PR since the previous best was run on a modified shorter course for volunteers. Read the report here.

RMAF Half Marathon Race Report
A well-organized event with a spectacular start. Read the report here.
adidas Sundown Marathon Race Report
To call this an unusual race is an understatement. Report here.
Nike+ Human Race 10K

Race Report
The Singapore leg of the global event was a rocking success. Read about my experience here.

adidas King Of The Road Race Report
A nice tune-up race with the LunarTrainer+. Get the report here
ING New York City Marathon Race Report
A mega-event that lived up to its reputation as the largest marathon in the world. Report, photos and NYC experiences here.
1st Putrajaya 12-Hour Walk Race Report
1st time organized in Putrajaya but my 3rd consecutive year in this event. Report here.
Malakoff 12K Race Report
A last minute entry just to get in one last medal before the year-end. Report here.

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Read the 2007 Review

SMART Tunnel Run Race Report
My first race of the year after a 6-month layoff proved to be quite a good outing, despite the bungled job by the organizers. Read the report here.
KL International Marathon (Half Marathon)

Race Report
An excellent training run before the serious stuff. Read it here.

Penang Bridge Marathon
Race Report
Someone once said that the marathon will humble you. And he's right. Read the full report here
Shah Alam 10K Race Report
I was asked to run this race for fun. So there I was that Sunday morning. Full report.
Mizuno Wave Run
Race Report
Yet another last minute race. Hopefully it's not going to be a trend! Full report here.
Kuantan TC Run Race Report
A thoroughly enjoyable race. Read the report here.
Penang International 12-Hr Walk

Race Report
Feels good to bury last year's nightmare. Report here.

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Read the 2006 Review
Great Eastern PACM 30K Race Report
Yet another great race organized by PACM. Read the first race report of the year here
KL International Marathon

Race Report
First PR of the year - a great feeling! Full report

Race Report
No training, pressure at work and taking on the Double Hill? What bad timing! Read about it here.
Penang Bridge Run
Race Report
Back in Penang for this long awaited run. Didn't do well but loved the chance to be running back home again! Full report.
Putrajaya Half
Race Report
2nd time is just as painful. More about it.
Mizuno Wave Run
Race Report
Just had to run this what with the nice event T-Shirt and great company. Read the report.
Penang International 12-Hr Walk
Race Report
A walking event? A 12-Hour walking event? Was I asking for trouble!

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KL International Marathon Race Report
Will the target of finally achieving sub-5 be realized? Find out here
Nilai 3 Half Marathon Race Prelude
The event that wasn't supposed to feature in my race calendar. How did it happen then?

Race Report
Full report here!

Race Report by Jessica Tang
Read about her excellent 2nd Half Marathon here.
adidas FTAAA PACM 3,000m Time Trial Race Report
Whoa! What a run!
Larian Mesra Rakan Cops Race Report
A breakthrough run! Full report here.
Thai Runners Day 5K Race Report
An opportunity to run overseas isn't easy to come by, so just do it! Full report here!
Subang Jaya 10K Race Report
Could The Force have anything to do with this PR? Full report and pictures here
Klang 10K Race Report
PR again for the distance. Full report
Putrajaya Half Marathon

Race Report
Crash, Boom, Bang! I was finally brought back down to earth.

Singapore Marathon Race Report
Will I be 3rd time lucky? Read the full account here
Mizuno Wave Run 10K Race Report
Click here to read a short report

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Pacesetters 30K Training Run # 1 Not knowing what to expect, it's all about being cautious! More here...
KL International Marathon (10K category) Running with the Penguins
Tempting fate with a new training route. Read it here...

Race Report
Simply a fantastic day! Full account ...
Power Run Race Report
Getting there, getting there... Full account ...
JPMorgan Corporate Challenge - Singapore Race Report
Another wonderful trip to Singapore. Read it here...

adidas Pacesetters 4 X 3K Road Relay Time Trial # 3 Full report.
Nike Pacesetters 15K
Abstained due to club duties but read about my experiences here

Race Report
Finally got my chance to get even with Double Hill. Read about it.
Ipoh International Marathon A marathon with 1 month's training? Read about it...

20K Practice Run # 1. Report

12 Days To Go. Report

2 Days To Go. Read about it...

MBI Sets A New Standard for Marathoning. Read about it...

Race Report. Go!
adidas King of The Road

Race Report. Go!

PJ Half Marathon
Race Report
Will the author return to the glory days of sub-2 21Ks? More
Siemens 10K

Race Report. Read it here!
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Training: 18 weeks | 16 weeks | D-Minus 22hrs
You can see that there wasn't much training even though there were the usual schedules. Adherence to the program was so poor that I didn't both to include the other weeks' reports. In retrospect, I'm not sure why I was hit by so much illness. In any case this experience is a classic case of what NOT to do in a marathon training. You've been warned!

Race reports: Jamie | Alex | Gavin | Rohaizad | Jason Lim

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PJ Half Marathon Race Report
A 21K provides ample opportunity for things to go south...more
Singapore Marathon 25K Training Run Report
My first ever 25K training run proved to be an eventful morning. Read on...

30K Training Run Report
Yet another milestone achieved... whew what a relief! More...

6 Days To Go!
Idle body and mind wreak havoc to this first timer. Find out more...

D Minus 2 & 1
After some hiccups, I finally stepped into Singapore. But the stress didn't end here.

Race Report
Ready or not, there's no turning away from the most anticipated event of the year! More...

1 Month After
After a month of anticipation, the photos and certificate finally arrived. Have a look...

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